Put AI to Work
April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY
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Thomas M

Thomas M
Chief Technology Officer, Black Hills IP


Tom Marlow is the CTO for Black Hills IP, where he works tirelessly to drive IP legal services into that age of AI and automation. Relying on data wherever it can be found, Tom and the Black Hills team build products to power internal staff and legal professional customers. Tom has a background in technology and analytics. Being exposed to massive amounts of patent data very early in his career, he learned techniques to quickly build datasets and evaluate the results to drive strategy. This work led to a corporate leadership position driving global IP operation and strategy for the renowned Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation. In addition to maintaining a portfolio of several thousand patents, Tom managed patent development, litigation, licensing and acquisition across the US, Europe, and Asia. Around this time, Tom coauthored a desk reference for patent attorneys that provided an indexed analysis of appeals decisions for use in prosecuting patent applications (which is now in its 7th edition). Tom is a registered patent attorney and electrical engineer with a passion for IP systems. Previously, he was cochair of the Patent Analytics and Portfolio Management Department at the Minneapolis patent firm Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, PA. Tom has advised companies from startups to household name multinationals on IP strategy, operations, and policy and has spoken before a diverse audiences from patent attorneys to C-suite executives to engineers to startup founders on patent management, analysis, and strategy. He holds a law degree from Franklin Pierce Law Center and a BS from the University of Notre Dame.


11:05am11:45am Thursday, April 18, 2019
Secondary topics:  Data and Data Networks
Thomas M (Black Hills IP)
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Three elements will control the AI market: technology, data, and IP rights. Leveraging rich patent data, Thomas Marlow uncovers the companies with the top patent holdings across the world in groundbreaking research and implementation technologies, surfacing insights into the sources and owners of AI technology as well as the hurdles and opportunities that those entering the field today face. Read more.