Put AI to work
September 17-18, 2017: Training
September 18-20, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
San Francisco, CA
Put AI to work
Sept 17-18: Training
Sept 18-20: Tutorials & Conference
San Francisco, CA

“By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”

– Eliezer Yudkowsky

Discover the untapped opportunities of applied AI

Learn how to implement AI in real world projects. Explore the potential of intelligence engineering—and how to get there from here.

Put AI to work right now

Real breakthroughs in AI are transforming the business landscape in nearly every industry. The O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference brings together the top minds in AI to cut through the hype and identify the most promising developments and practical uses cases you need to use AI right now—as well as the insight to see where it’s going.

You'll hear how the world's most innovative companies are using AI—companies like Google, IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, Autodesk, and Salesforce.

You'll meet people like Rana el Kaliouby of Affectiva, Michael Jordan of UC Berkeley, and DFJ's Steve Jurvetson.

And you'll dive deep into the most challenging and promising issues in AI, including:

  • Improvements in conversational interfaces
  • New deep learning frameworks that democratize AI
  • More efficient algorithms and systems
  • New methods of unsupervised and transfer learning
  • How to use AI to automate machine learning (and even programming)
  • Advances that are making AI lightweight

If you want to cut through the noise and discover what's real (and what’s coming) in applied AI, join us September 17-20 in San Francisco. Need help convincing your manager? We've got you covered.

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Artificial Intelligence Training Courses

Immerse yourself in two days of in-depth education on critical topics. Each training course takes place September 17-18 and is limited in size to maintain a high level of learning and instructor interaction.

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Women in Machine Learning and Data Science

To help support diversity in the tech community, while O’Reilly AI Conference registration is open, we’re raising funds for Women in Machine Learning & Data Science. Learn more »


Join us September 17-20, 2017 at the Hilton San Francisco in the heart of Union Square, a vibrant, iconic destination in San Francisco. Reserve your room.

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