Put AI to Work
April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY
Tony Jebara

Tony Jebara
Associate Professor | Chief Scientist , Columbia University | Netflix


Tony Jebara is director of machine learning at Netflix and professor on leave from Columbia University. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in leading conferences and journals across machine learning, computer vision, social networks, and recommendation and is the author of the book Machine Learning: Discriminative and Generative. His work has been recognized with best paper awards from the International Conference on Machine Learning and from the Pattern Recognition Society, the Career award from the National Science Foundation, and faculty awards from Google, Yahoo, and IBM. He has cofounded and advised multiple startup companies in the domain of artificial intelligence and served as general chair and program chair for the International Conference on Machine Learning. He holds a PhD from MIT.


10:00am10:15am Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Location: Grand Ballroom West
Tony Jebara (Columbia University | Netflix)
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For many years, the main goal of the Netflix recommendation system has been to get the right titles in front of each member at the right time. Tony Jebara details the approaches Netflix uses to recommend titles to users and discusses how the company is working on integrating causality and fairness into many of its machine learning and personalization systems. Read more.