Put AI to Work
April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY
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The intersection between human learning and machine learning. How AI will fundamentally change teaching and learning. (sponsored by Squirrel AI Learning)

Richard Tong (Squirrel AI Learning)
1:00pm1:40pm Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Location: Beekman



One of the most critical issues of traditional education is the lack of high-quality teachers for the personalized attention of individual student need. AI technology, especially the AI adaptive technology can enable the new generation of teachers to teach student much more effectively and improve the efficiency of the education industry.

Squirrel AI Learning has created an AI-powered adaptive learning engine that combines the innovative framework of Model of thinking, Capacity, Methodology (MCM), the Multi-dimensional Probabilistic Knowledge State Model (PKS), Multimodal Integrated Behavioral Analysis (MIBA) and Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) using deep learning techniques, Nano-scaled knowledge components (NKC) and other AI techniques such as reinforcement learning to advance the AI+ Adaptive Education and impact future education.

Photo of Richard Tong

Richard Tong

Squirrel AI Learning

Richard Tong is the Chief Architect of Squirrel AI Learning by Yixue Education Group. He is an experienced ed-tech technologist, executive and entrepreneur. He was the Head of Implementation, Greater China Region for Knewton, and Director of Solution Architecture for Amplify Education. He also served as CTO of Phoenix New Media (NYSE:FENG). He has been heavily involved in education technology standardization in the last 8 years. He is a current member of the IEEE AIS (Adaptive Instructional Systems) Standard working group and chair for the 2247.2 Interoperability Subgroup, a member of the IEEE ICICLE (IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering) and IEEE FML (Federated Machine Learning) working group. He was a member of the School Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA) Technology Board, and co-chair of the Assessment Group and IDM Group. He also served as a member of the Assessment Interoperability Framework working group for Common Education Data Standard (CEDS), and IMS Global Caliper standard workgroup and Computer Adaptive Testing workgroup, etc.