Put AI to Work
April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY
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Using artificial intelligence and machine learning for risk modeling in financial services (sponsored by IBM Watson)

Marcelo Labre (Morgan Stanley), Nick Werstiuk (IBM Spectrum Computing)
1:50pm2:30pm Thursday, April 18, 2019
Location: Beekman
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What you'll learn

  • Explore IBM Power Systems AI/ML use cases in finance


Successful financial institutions like Morgan Stanley are growing more committed to efficiency and investing heavily in tools to do so. The availability of massive amounts of data, tools, and platforms to analyze them along with competitive market pressures have all contributed to raise the profile of artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches toward that efficiency goal. This has opened a new age of innovation in finance geared to stronger alignment with customer needs and the risk appetite of all stakeholders.

Marcelo Labre explains how the computing power and AI-readiness of IBM Power Systems enables a new journey of exploration and new possibilities in AI/ML use cases in finance.

Photo of Marcelo Labre

Marcelo Labre

Morgan Stanley

Marcelo Labre is executive director at Morgan Stanley, where he works on model risk management. Marcelo has extensive experience both as a practitioner and in academia in traditional quantitative finance, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Previously, he was head of model risk at OnDeck Capital; head of quant analytics and market data for OCBC Bank; adjunct associate professor at the National University of Singapore’s Business School; managing director and head of quantitative analytics at Standard Bank; director and head of quantitative analytics at ING Bank; and a member of the faculty at London Business School. He holds a PhD in mathematical finance from Imperial College London and a master’s degree in finance from London Business School.

Photo of Nick Werstiuk

Nick Werstiuk

IBM Spectrum Computing

Nick Werstiuk is Director of OM for Spectrum Computing and PowerAI. He and his team are responsible for the vision and roadmap of the Spectrum Computing portfolio of offerings, driving expansion from HPC and Analytics into AI and Cloud. Since joining Platform in 2004 he has led a range of new product, and corporate strategy initiatives, which included the acquisition of Platform by IBM.