Put AI to Work
April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY

AI for managers (SOLD OUT)

Tim Schwuchow (The Data Incubator )
Location: Rendezvous

Who is this presentation for?

  • You work with data scientists or analysts regularly.
  • You manage teams or projects with a significant data component.
  • You find yourself translating between data and management.



What you'll learn

  • Identify and prioritize which projects a company should pursue
  • Identify potential pitfalls in projects before they start
  • Communicate business objectives to data professionals
  • Understand the business implications of technical decisions and be able to assess the risk-reward trade-offs of different projects
  • Translate data science insights for business professionals and decision makers



Introduction to AI and data science

  • Terms and definitions: What does machine learning mean?

  • Historical context and present day

  • Drivers for AI and data science

  • What’s so different about big data?

  • AI is eating the world.

  • Making AI practical

Algorithms and techniques

  • Data formats, databases, and schemas

  • Evaluating model performance and validating models

  • Terminology: Regression, classification, supervised, and unsupervised

  • Advanced models: Random forests, support vector machines, deep learning, and neural networks

Industry use cases

  • Finance

  • Healthcare

  • Industrial

  • Technology 

AI within the organization

  • Maturity levels for AI

  • Evaluating good projects for AI

  • Build versus buy and hire versus train

  • Skills, tools, and platforms needed for AI

  • Structuring data and AI initiatives within your organization: Successful and cautionary tales


Common pitfalls and fallacies in AI and data science

  • AI and data science in the headlines: The good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Legal and regulatory implications

  • Litigation and liabilities of bad data science

  • Common fallacies in data science and AI

  • Lying with statistics and how to spot it

Photo of Tim Schwuchow

Tim Schwuchow

The Data Incubator

Tim Schwuchow is a data scientist in residence at the Data Incubator. Previously, he designed and instructed several undergraduate- and graduate-level courses at Duke, was an analyst at quantitative hedge fund D. E. Shaw & Co., and was an economist for the Postal Regulatory Commission. He holds degrees in economics from Harvard and Duke.