Put AI to Work
April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY
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Executive Briefing: 5 key questions to kick off your AI implementation

Vinay Mohta (Manifold)
1:00pm1:40pm Thursday, April 18, 2019
Secondary topics:  AI in the Enterprise
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Any executive who wants to get a handle on AI



What you'll learn

  • Learn a concrete strategy to get past the hype and begin evaluating AI as a tool for increasing business value


As with big data and the cloud before that, we’re now seeing a significant hype bubble building up around artificial intelligence. This has the unfortunate consequence of convincing many executive leaders that if they don’t already know their way around a machine learning algorithm, they might not be ready for the so-called transformative power of AI. The reality, however, is that AI is just another tool that can help your business, and you’re probably not that far behind the rest of the field. The pace of innovation actually hasn’t changed much from that of other technologies you have probably already successfully navigated, such as mobile and cloud.

Vinay Seth Mohta explains how to evaluate the possibilities offered by AI as you would any other strategic investment and outlines five key questions that will help you identify the sources of business value that should dictate any technology acquisition. He also explains the implications of these questions for your initial AI strategy.

These questions are:

  • What question would make your organization more competitive if you could answer it?
  • What questions that you’re already asking could have better answers?
  • Where are you spending lots of time gathering or analyzing information?
  • Do you wish you could clone your top performers?
  • How can you create magic for your customers?
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Vinay Mohta


Vinay Seth Mohta is CEO at Manifold, an artificial intelligence engineering services firm with offices in Boston and Silicon Valley. Previously, Vinay was a product manager at KAYAK, where he worked with both Hadoop and Hive to develop a robust view of customers and developed a predictive model for flight pricing, and an architect at Endeca Technologies, where he worked on the engineering team that developed new data structures and indexing technologies to enable search and faceted navigation. He’s a coinventor on several granted patents for search and faceted navigation. Vinay holds a BS and a master’s degree in engineering from MIT.