Put AI to Work
April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY
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Building an AI engine for time series data analytics

JIAN CHANG (Alibaba Group), Sanjian Chen (Alibaba Group)
1:00pm1:40pm Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Implementing AI
Location: Trianon Ballroom
Secondary topics:  Edge computing and Hardware, Platforms and infrastructure, Reinforcement Learning, Retail and e-commerce, Temporal data and time-series
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Executives, architects, ML engineers, data scientists, and business analysts



What you'll learn

  • Explore Alibaba’s TSDB AI engine, for scalable time series data management and analytics
  • Learn best practices for designing machine learning algorithms for retail data analysis


Inside the Alibaba ecosystem, hundreds of petabytes of time series data are generated each day. It’s challenging to query this rapidly growing data in a timely manner. Alibaba’s TSDB is a time series database is the backbone service for hosting all this data to enable high-concurrency storage and low-latency query. TSDB’s AI engine provides intelligent advanced analysis capabilities and end-to-end business intelligence solutions and empowers companies across various industries to better understand data trends, discover anomalies, manage risks, and boost efficiency. So far, the company has scaled the service to thousands of physical nodes and delivered peak performance at 80 million operations per second.

Jian Chang and Sanjian Chen outline the design of the AI engine built on Alibaba’s TSDB service, which enables fast and complex analytics of large-scale time series data in many business domains. Along the way, they highlight solutions to the major technical challenges in data storage, processing, feature engineering, and machine learning algorithm design. Join in to see how TSDB empowers companies across various industries to better understand data trends, discover anomalies, manage risks, and boost efficiency.



Alibaba Group

Jian Chang is a senior algorithm expert at the Alibaba Group, where he is working on cutting-edge applications of AI at the intersection of high-performance databases and the IoT, focusing on unleashing the value of spatiotemporal data. A data science expert and software system architect with expertise in machine learning and big data systems and deep domain knowledge on various vertical use cases (finance, telco, healthcare, etc.), Jian has led innovation projects and R&D activities to promote data science best practices within large organizations. He’s a frequent speaker at technology conferences, such as the O’Reilly Strata and AI Conferences, NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, Hadoop Summit, DataWorks Summit, Amazon re:Invent, Global Big Data Conference, Global AI Conference, World IoT Expo, and Intel Partner Summit, and has published and presented research papers and posters at many top-tier conferences and journals, including ACM Computing Surveys, ACSAC, CEAS, EuroSec, FGCS, HiCoNS, HSCC, IEEE Systems Journal, MASHUPS, PST, SSS, TRUST, and WiVeC. He’s also served as a reviewer for many highly reputable international journals and conferences. Jian holds a PhD from the Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) at University of Pennsylvania, under Insup Lee.

Photo of Sanjian Chen

Sanjian Chen

Alibaba Group

Sanjian Chen is a Senior Algorithm Expert at the Alibaba Group. He has deep knowledge of large-scale machine learning algorithms. Over his career, he’s partnered with and advised leaders at several Fortune 500 companies on making data-driven strategic decisions and provided software-based data analytics consulting service to seven global firms across multiple industries, including financial services, automotive, telecommunications, and retail.