Put AI to Work
April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY
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What you must know to build AI systems that understand natural language

David Talby (Pacific AI)
1:50pm2:30pm Wednesday, April 17, 2019
AI Business Summit, Executive Briefing/Best Practices
Location: Sutton North/Center
Secondary topics:  AI case studies, Text, Language, and Speech
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Software and data science architects and leaders



Prerequisite knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of machine learning

What you'll learn

  • Explore lessons learned and best practices when building NLP-intensive systems


New AI solutions in question answering, chatbots, structured data extraction, text generation, and inference all require deep understanding of the nuances of human language. David Talby shares challenges, risks, and best practices for building NLU-based systems, drawing on examples and case studies from products and services built by Fortune 500 companies and startups over the past six years. David also highlights some of the differences between language understanding and other machine learning and deep learning applications.

Topics include:

  • What gave natural language understanding its reputation as an “AI complete” problem
  • The many languages we speak every day and the resulting need to train domain-specific NLP models for most systems
  • The evolution from “traditional” machine learning and information retrieval techniques to current state-of-the-art systems, covering both the “simple” parts of common NLP Q&A or bot solutions and where “advanced” AI fits in
  • Guidelines to architecting a system that trains and serves large, current, accurate domain-specific NLP models using open source software
Photo of David Talby

David Talby

Pacific AI

David Talby is a chief technology officer at Pacific AI, helping fast-growing companies apply big data and data science techniques to solve real-world problems in healthcare, life science, and related fields. David has extensive experience in building and operating web-scale data science and business platforms, as well as building world-class, agile, distributed teams. Previously, he led business operations for Bing Shopping in the US and Europe with Microsoft’s Bing Group and built and ran distributed teams that helped scale Amazon’s financial systems with Amazon in both Seattle and the UK. David holds a PhD in computer science and master’s degrees in both computer science and business administration.