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April 29-30, 2018: Training
April 30-May 2, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Neural interfaces: Connecting humans and artificial intelligence

Thomas Reardon (CTRL-Labs)
9:45am–10:00am Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Location: Grand Ballroom
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Despite the common fear that AI-powered machines will replace humans, the emerging—and more hopeful—reality is that AI will augment people with new technologies combining human and machine intelligence. Thomas Reardon discusses advances and challenges in multidisciplinary research and development, spanning computational neuroscience, biophysics, electrical engineering, statistics, and human-computer interaction as well as AI and machine learning. Reardon offers an overview of brain-machine interface (BMI) technology and shares CTRL-Labs’s transformative and noninvasive neural interface approach. Along the way, he discusses the near-term opportunities for practical applications that will soon revolutionize daily life and the industries they touch.

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Thomas Reardon


Thomas Reardon is cofounder and CEO of CTRL-Labs.