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London, UK
John Wiley

John Wiley
Associate Director, Data Science and Analytics, The Wall Street Journal


John Wiley is a data scientist at the Wall Street Journal, where he manages a team focused on applying predictive analytics in the journal’s membership business. In collaboration with the journal’s product, design, and engineering (PDE) team, he helped develop a suite of machine learning applications enabling the dynamic targeting of paywall experiences based on a reader’s probability of subscribing. The project was recognized by the International News Media Association (INMA) as the best new paid content or subscriber initiative by a global publisher in 2018. John holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems and business analytics from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.


13:45–14:25 Thursday, 11 October 2018
Chris Boyd (The Wall Street Journal), John Wiley (The Wall Street Journal)
Chris Boyd and John Wiley explain how the Wall Street Journal uses machine learning and a proprietary algorithm to predict the likelihood for someone subscribing, which in turn dictates the paywall experience that customer receives. Read more.