Sep 23–26, 2019
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Executive Briefing: Building a culture of self-service from predeployment to continued engagement

Jonathan Tudor (GE Aviation), Ross Schalmo (GE Aviation)
3:45pm4:25pm Thursday, September 26, 2019
Location: 1E 10/11
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Analytics leaders, data architects, data engineers, data stewards, and CDOs




GE Aviation has more than 200,000 tables at its disposal and has made it a mission to implement self-service data, a program to enable anybody to build a data analytics product. The data engineering and analytics teams understood that successful self-service is a continual journey that starts before self-service technologies are deployed and extends well beyond. As an organization-wide initiative, buy-in from the whole company, and continual engagement were needed to reach the 1,300 users and counting.

Jonathan Tudor and Ross Schalmo take a deep dive into how each part of the business became invested in successful self-service and how the engagement continued well beyond deployment. From creating an ongoing partnership with the business to the gamification of tagging data in the data catalog to forming a published dataset council, which selects the best datasets to leverage for each business domain. They take into account the importance of early and continued branding of self-service initiatives, including GE Aviation’s “5 Ss of Self-Service” approach: search—make finding data easy; stitch—focus on data engineering and transformation; science—facilitate predictive modeling and machine learning; show—visualize data and socialize outcomes to get people to take action; and share—ensure that good data is used and reused across the organization.

The results of this initiative have been so strong, and the engagement efforts so successful, that groups outside of the data and analytics team have taken up championing self-service. For example, the aviation engineering team managed to reduce the time it takes to produce 250 regular reports from four weeks of effort to four hours. This led to a joint partnership between the engineering and the digital league (a cross-functional team focused on empowering the business through data products) teams to create a business-wide training. This training, offered every two weeks and spread across eight global sites, explores how to leverage tools like Alation, Dataiku, and Spotfire; how to think about the data lake; write SQL; use statistics and create business impactful data products.

Prerequisite knowledge

  • A basic understanding of self-service, self-service tooling, and data and analytics organization structure

What you'll learn

  • Discover how to achieve buy-in and ensure continued engagement in self-service initiatives, including principles and initiatives
Photo of Jonathan Tudor

Jonathan Tudor

GE Aviation

Jonathan Tudor is a Director of Data and Analytics at GE Aviation leading and building both the Self-Service Data program and Data Governance program. He has a background in big data ETL, data architecture, cloud, security, networking, compliance, data warehousing, supply chain operations, engineering IT, business intelligence, and analytics. He’s passionate about self-service data, data governance, big data, digital cultural transformation data, business, and leadership.

Photo of Ross Schalmo

Ross Schalmo

GE Aviation

Ross Schalmo is the senior director of data and analytics at GE Aviation. Ross’s career has covered everything from network and client security to hybrid cloud implementations to finally the data and analytics space. He currently leads an organization that offers a world-class self-service ecosystem, complete with tooling, training, and curated datasets to allow functional subject matter experts to apply their knowledge in GE’s Data lake without having to be technical experts. This organization also provides tools and process to enable data scientists to rapidly build, test, deploy, and orchestrate models in a CI/CD framework. After the business created PoCs and pilots in the self-service ecosystem, Ross’s organization also leads 30+ execution scrum teams, building enterprise-class data products that cover use cases from fleet segmentation analytics to supply chain optimization. Lastly, the organization is building a data governance practice across the entire aviation business, ensuring quality and compliance for all users, whether self-service, developers, or application consumption. His organization is taking data governance from a protectionist mindset to a culture of data democratization.

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Amanda Landrum | SR. Information Delivery Manager
10/09/2019 11:53am EDT

Your presentation was very helpful in how you presented self serve and some of the key things you did to make it a success. We are trying to do some of this with in GM and would like to get a copy of the presentation. Please let me know if you can share this. thanks Amanda (Sr. Manager Information Delivery @ GM

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