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21–22 May 2018: Training
22–24 May 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK
Charaka Goonatilake

Charaka Goonatilake
CTO, Panaseer


Charaka Goonatilake is CTO at Panaseer, where he designs and delivers big data solutions that enable chief information security officers and their teams to gain visibility into the true state of security within their business to improve cyber hygiene and reduce cyber risk exposure. Charaka has been immersed in big data technologies since the very early days of Hadoop and has hands-on experience using Hadoop in the enterprise to produce data-driven insights. Over the past eight years, across Panaseer and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Charaka has architected and engineered Hadoop-based data platforms for a range of cybersecurity use cases, from security analytics for threat detection to threat intelligence management and cybersecurity risk management.


11:1511:55 Wednesday, 23 May 2018
Data engineering and architecture
Location: Capital Suite 7 Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Security and Privacy
Charaka Goonatilake (Panaseer)
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Data is becoming a crucial weapon to secure an organization against cyber threats. Charaka Goonatilake shares strategies for designing effective data platforms for cybersecurity using big data technologies, such as Spark and Hadoop, and explains how these platforms are being used in real-world examples of data-driven security. Read more.