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Discovery through real-time monitoring: A case study from the automotive industry

Maria Assunta Palmieri (Data Reply )
15:0015:30 Tuesday, 22 May 2018
Data-driven business management
Location: Capital Suite 2/3 Level: Beginner

Being competitive in today’s landscape is the goal of many companies. Recently, a major automotive company sought to determine the efficiency of the products it makes and sells. It turns out that real-time visibility into its thousand vehicles was the key to unlocking benefits such as a reduction in fuel costs, optimized travel routes, improved driver behavior, and minimized idle times.

The very high frequency of recorded data is a peculiar feature of this field, but managing such an amount of data is not an easy task. Maria Assunta Palmieri proves that real-time monitoring has the answers as she shares a case study from the automotive industry that outlines best practices for managing and analyzing telematic data in order to discover all the achievable benefits. Along the way, Maria highlights how the company arrived at a final easy-to-use dashboard interface displaying the complete status of each vehicle in real time. The knowledge provided by real-time monitoring is valuable not only in the automotive area but in many different fields, such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and healthcare. Join in to learn how to manage your real-time data and make it valuable.

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Maria Assunta Palmieri

Data Reply

Maria Assunta Palmieri is a junior data scientist at Data Reply. She holds a master’s degree in mathematics engineering with a specialization in statistics from the Polytechnic University of Turin.