Building a Better Web
June 11–12, 2018: Training
June 12–14, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA
C J Silverio

C J Silverio
Chief Technology Officer, npm


CJ Silverio is the CTO of npm. Her work allows JavaScript developers all over the world to share code and build modern web applications.


9:00am–9:40am Thursday, June 14, 2018
Future JS and Functional
Location: 210 B/F
Secondary topics:  Developer Experience Track: Tools, Platforms, and Techniques, High-level, Technical
C J Silverio (npm)
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Until now, JavaScript has not had an official module system defined as part of the language, although it has had several unofficial ones, including Node.js’s CommonJS module system. Join CJ Silverio to explore JavaScript's new module system, ES modules, and learn how your tooling and workflows will need to change in response. Read more.