Building a Better Web
June 19–20, 2017: Training
June 20–22, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA

What you need to know to build a better web

Since 2012, the O’Reilly Fluent Conference has brought together talented people from diverse backgrounds who are building great projects and experiences for the web. Developers, software engineers, interaction and UX designers, and web professionals come to Fluent to share their experiences and expertise, and to keep up with the sheer volume of new and evolving web development tools and practices.

At Fluent 2017, we’ll explore topics related to core web platform technologies, tools to help build the modern web, and strategies for building performant and resilient apps and sites:

  • Web platform foundations: JavaScript/ES6, HTML5, CSS3
  • Frontend frameworks, libraries, and tools
  • Fullstack development
  • Cross-platform and mobile
  • Web performance: monitoring, measurement, UX and design optimization
  • Web services and APIs
  • Modern web essentials: security, accessibility, privacy, responsive design
  • People and teams
  • Hardware, a smarter web (AI, bots, VR, gaming), and monetization

Fluent arms developers with proven best practices, innovative research, and a network of peers and innovators to help them discover new ideas and tackle their next web project. If you’d like to learn from some of the most successful and innovative minds in web development, make plans to join us at Fluent, taking place at the San Jose Convention Center on June 19-22.

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Web development training courses

Immerse yourself in two days of in-depth, hands-on learning of critical topics. Each training course takes place June 19-20 and is limited in size to maintain a high level of learning and instructor interaction.

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Fluent + Velocity: Better together

For the first time, Fluent will be co-located with Velocity, the O’Reilly conference for systems and site reliability engineers, web ops, and DevOps professionals. If you’d like to learn more about building, deploying, and running complex, distributed applications and systems, we encourage you to check out the O’Reilly Velocity Conference.

Join us in supporting #YesWeCode

#YesWeCodeTo help support diversity in the tech community, while Fluent registration is open, we’re raising funds for #YesWeCode. Learn more »

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