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8-9 Oct 2018: Training
9-11 Oct 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK
Amit Patankar

Amit Patankar
Google, Google


Amit Patankar is an engineer on the TensorFlow developer infrastructure team at Google, where he works on everything from releases and issue management to infrastructure and platform requests. Amit is passionate about the democratization of TensorFlow and is fascinated by the vast potential of applications of AI. Previously, he worked on smart home devices at Nest. Amit holds a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from UC Berkeley.


11:55–12:35 Wednesday, 10 October 2018
Sponsored, TensorFlow at AI
Location: Buckingham Room - Palace Suite
Amit Patankar (Google)
Building machine learning models is a multistage process. TensorFlow's high-level APIs make this process smooth and easy, whether you are starting small or going big. Amit Patankar walks you through building, training, and debugging a model and then exporting it for serving using these APIs. Read more.