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8-9 Oct 2018: Training
9-11 Oct 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK

Researcher, IBM Research AI

Guy Feigenblat is a research staff member in the AI Language Department of the Haifa Research Lab, where he leads research around machine-generated automatic document summarization. He’s also an adjunct faculty member at Haifa University. Previously, he was involved in various machine learning and AI projects that focused on developing cognitive bots that can express and predict human emotions. He has published several papers and patents. Guy holds a PhD in computer science from Bar-Ilan University, where he worked under the supervision of Ely Porat. His main academic interests include machine learning, AI, information retrieval, data mining, and data structures.


13:45–14:25 Thursday, 11 October 2018
Models and Methods
Location: King's Suite - Balmoral
Secondary topics:  Media, Marketing, Advertising, Text, Language, and Speech
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Automatic summarization is the computational process of shortening one or more text documents in order to identify their key points. Guy Feigenblat surveys recent advances in unsupervised automated summarization technologies and discusses recent research publications and datasets. Guy concludes with an overview of a novel summarization technology developed by IBM. Read more.