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Sep 4-5, 2018: Training
Sep 5-7, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Francisco, CA

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor is a cofounder at, delivering automated deep learning into production. Ben has over 14 years of machine learning experience and is known for pushing the boundaries for what is possible with deep learning, including predicting country of origin, genetic haplogroups from a face, and even the ranking of ABC’s The Bachelor contestants. Previously, he worked in the semiconductor industry for Intel and Micron in photolithography, process control, and yield prediction and as a Wall Street quant building sentiment stock models for a hedge fund trading the S&P 1500 on news content on a 600 GPU cluster. Ben left finance and the semiconductor industry to work for Sequoia-backed startup HireVue, where he led the company’s machine learning efforts around digital interview prediction and adverse impact mitigation.


1:45pm-2:25pm Thursday, September 6, 2018
Location: Yosemite A
Secondary topics:  AI in the Enterprise, Text, Language, and Speech
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What if you could QA everything and make your best employees 10–100x more efficient? Ben Taylor shares real use cases of business transformation and realized value in production using deep learning and discusses some of the executive conversations and behaviors Dell EMC is seeing in the market. Read more.