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Sep 4-5, 2018: Training
Sep 5-7, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Francisco, CA
Magnus Hyttsten

Magnus Hyttsten
Developer Advocate, Google


Magnus Hyttsten is a developer advocate for TensorFlow at Google, where he works on developing the TensorFlow product. A developer fanatic, Magnus is an appreciated speaker at major industry events such as Google I/O, the AI Summit, AI Conference, ODSC, GTC, QCon, and others on machine learning and mobile development. Right now, he’s focusing on reinforcement learning models and making model inference effective on mobile.


11:55am-12:35pm Thursday, September 6, 2018
Implementing AI
Location: Imperial A
Secondary topics:  Deep Learning tools, Platforms and infrastructure
Magnus Hyttsten (Google), Priya Gupta (Google)
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Magnus Hyttsten and Priya Gupta demonstrate how to perform distributed TensorFlow training using the Keras high-level APIs. They walk you through TensorFlow's distributed architecture, how to set up a distributed cluster using Kubeflow and Kubernetes, and how to distribute models created in Keras. Read more.