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Sep 30–Oct 1, 2018: Training
Oct 1–3, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Ria Bhatia

Ria Bhatia
Program Manager, Microsoft

Ria Bhatia is a program manager for Azure on the cloud-native team compute at Microsoft. She is a maintainer of the new open source project Virtual Kubelet and works on Azure Container Instances. Ria holds a BS in computer science from Penn State. She lives in Seattle and loves anything dog related.


11:30am–12:00pm Monday, October 1, 2018
Location: Sutton Center
Ria Bhatia (Microsoft)
Ria Bhatia explains what it takes to build up the cluster autoscaler and horizontal pod autoscaler from the operations perspective, incorporating experiments and tests that were run to come up with solutions for appropriately tweaking metrics so scaling is cost effective and efficient. Read more.