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Sep 30–Oct 1, 2018: Training
Oct 1–3, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Liz Fong-Jones

Liz Fong-Jones
Site Reliability Engineer, Honeycomb

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Liz Fong-Jones is a developer advocate, labor and ethics organizer, and site reliability engineer (SRE) with 15+ years of experience at Honeycomb. Previously, she was an SRE working on products ranging from the Google Cloud Load Balancer to Google Flights. She lives in Brooklyn with her wife, metamours, and a Samoyed/Golden Retriever mix, and in San Francisco and Seattle with her other partners. She plays classical piano, leads an EVE Online alliance, and advocates for transgender rights as a board member of the National Center for Transgender Equality.


11:35am–12:15pm Tuesday, October 2, 2018
DevOps and SRE
Location: Murray Hill Level: Beginner
Secondary topics:  Systems Monitoring & Orchestration
Liz Fong-Jones (Honeycomb), Dave Rensin (Google)
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Implementing site reliability (SRE) engineering doesn't have to be intimidating, and it isn't only for cloud-native organizations. Liz Fong-Jones and Dave Rensin share eight key lessons Google's customer reliability engineering team learned helping large enterprises adopt SRE as an operations engineering model. Read more.