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Go fly a kite

Matt Sheppard (Oracle Dyn)

Building the first bridge across the Niagara Falls involved flying a kite to get a string to the other side. The string was used to pull a rope, which pulled a cable, which eventually led to a bridge across the stretch of unnavigable water. Matt Sheppard applies this pattern to software, establishing a thread through a proposed system, building just enough infrastructure to execute the simplest, lightest-weight operation possible, and iterating from there.

Photo of Matt Sheppard

Matt Sheppard

Oracle Dyn

Matt Sheppard is a manager if internal DNS systems at Oracle Dyn. Matt has been a leader and manager of developers, application architects, software engineers, and database administrators and a project manager in several industries. He has an education i engineering and frontline experience. Matt is interested in hard problems and uncharted territory.