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October 1–2, 2017: Training
October 2–4, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Mike McGarr

Mike McGarr
Engineering Manager, Build Tools, Netflix

Website | @sonofgarr

Mike McGarr is the engineering manager for the developer productivity team at Netflix and a cohost of the Ship Show podcast. Mike has been developing Java/JVM-based applications for most of his career and been known to dabble in other languages as well. Previously, Mike was the director of DevOps at Blackboard and the founder of the DC Continuous Delivery meetup. He is passionate about building quality software through automation. Mike can frequently be found talking about Agile, continuous delivery, DevOps, or build and test automation.


11:35am12:15pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Resilience Engineering
Location: Gramercy
Mike McGarr (Netflix)
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Netflix has always been a Java shop, from its early DVD days to its migration to the cloud. This simplified the job for centralized teams, but as the popularity of non-JVM languages rose, these teams have begun to rethink their support strategy. Mike McGarr discusses the early days of Netflix's polyglot journey and where the company is going in the future. Read more.