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30–31 Oct 2018: Training
31 Oct–2 Nov 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK
Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston
CEO, Roundabout Labs


Paul Johnston is the CEO of Roundabout Labs. Paul is a strategist with particular interests in serverless, the cloud, startups, and climate change. Previously, he was senior developer advocate for serverless at AWS and CTO at multiple startups, including one of the world’s first serverless startups. A frequent keynote speaker, Paul also tweets a lot at @PaulDJohnston and blogs a lot on Medium. He may also be working in stealth mode on something. (It’s probably serverless.)


14:1014:50 Thursday, 1 November 2018
Location: Park Suite (St. James / Regents)
Paul Johnston (Roundabout Labs)
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Join Paul Johnston to explore and better understand distributed architectures and automation. Is it about pragmatism and simplicity? What are the skills that we have dismissed as only relevant for certain scenarios that should be used within a serverless environment? How do you hire for this new approach? Is it about code challenges or more abstract problem solving? Read more.