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30–31 Oct 2018: Training
31 Oct–2 Nov 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK
Brice Fernandes

Brice Fernandes
Senior Engineer, Weaveworks


Brice Fernandes is a senior engineer at Weaveworks, where he spends his professional time helping companies understand GitOps and make the most of Kubernetes. Brice fell in love with programming while studying physics and never really looked back. He has a broad technology background that covers everything from embedded C to backendless browser apps using the trendiest JavaScript frameworks. Before joining Weaveworks, he taught game development and functional programming online and founded his own education platform for developers.


9:00 - 17:00 Tuesday, 30 October & Wednesday, 31 October
Location: Hilton Meeting Room 5/6
Brice Fernandes (Weaveworks)
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You want to get started with Kubernetes but aren't sure how. How do you manage your workloads or alert your team when something goes wrong? Join Brice Fernandes to learn how to configure and run a production-grade Kubernetes environment, covering all the basics from monitoring, alerting, and continuous deployment to DevOps, GitOps, observability, and security. Read more.