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30–31 Oct 2018: Training
31 Oct–2 Nov 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK
Euan Finlay

Euan Finlay
Senior Engineer, Financial Times

Euan is part of the Operations & Reliability team at the FT, managing incidents across the globe. Before that, he lead a distributed team responsible for Go microservices, Docker containers in Kubernetes, and the backend APIs powering the website.

On the Ops-ier side of DevOps, he has occasionally admitted to being a sysadmin in public.


16:3517:15 Thursday, 1 November 2018
DevOps and SRE
Location: Blenheim Room - Palace Suite
Secondary topics:  Systems Monitoring & Orchestration
Euan Finlay (Financial Times)
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Euan Finlay shares practical tips and advice on setting up an incident response framework, what to do when "everything is on fire," and how to improve things afterward—along with some horror stories of his own. Read more.