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London, UK
Maxime Petazzoni

Maxime Petazzoni
Technical lead & engineering manager, SignalFx

Website | @mpetazzoni

Maxime Petazzoni is a technical lead and engineering manager at SignalFx. He is the architect behind SignalFx’s Microservices APM offering, and spent several years working on the core of SignalFx: its real-time, streaming SignalFlow™ Analytics. He is also the creator of MaestroNG, a container orchestrator for Docker environments.


13:1513:55 Thursday, 1 November 2018
Monitoring, Observability, and Performance
Location: King's Suite - Balmoral
Secondary topics:  Systems Monitoring & Orchestration
Maxime Petazzoni (SignalFx)
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Maxime Petazzoni explains why monitoring custom application metrics is essential for visibility into the internal workings of a system and shares a framework for properly instrumenting them, along with a number of relevant use cases. Read more.