Engineer for the future of Cloud
June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA
April Wright

April Wright
Security Consultant, Architect Security, Inc.


April C. Wright is a hacker, O’Reilly author, teacher, and community leader who has been breaking, making, fixing, and defending the security of global critical communications and connections for over 25 years. She’s an international speaker and trainer, educating and advising on matters of privacy and information security with the goal of safeguarding the digital components we rely on every day. April has held roles on defensive, operational, adversarial, and development teams throughout her career, and she has spoken and contributed to numerous worldwide security conferences including BlackHat, DEF CON USA and DEF CON China, DerbyCon, Hack in Paris, DefCamp Romania, and ITWeb South Africa as well as for the US government and industry organizations such as OWASP and ISSA. She has started multiple small businesses, including a nonprofit, handles communications for DEF CON Groups community outreach, and in 2017 cofounded a popular local Boston community event (DC617). April has collected dozens of certifications to add capital letters at the end of her name and almost died in Dracula’s secret staircase. She once read in the Onion that researchers at the University of North Carolina released a comprehensive report in 2014 confirming her status as the “most significant and interesting person currently inhabiting the earth,” and it was on “teh internet,” so it must be true.


2:20pm3:00pm Thursday, June 13, 2019
Emerging Tech
Location: LL21 E/F
April Wright (Architect Security, Inc.)
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April Wright explores the possible ramifications of deepfakes, from privacy violations to personal and professional embarrassment to causing global thermonuclear war, and considers what can be done to protect ourselves—emphasizing the need for remaining critical of what we see as this technology gets better and better. Read more.