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The internet versus your sites: Taking action against internet volatility (sponsored by Oracle + Dyn)

Kyle York (Oracle + Dyn)
9:25am–9:35am Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Location: Grand Ballroom 220 Level: Non-technical
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When the internet is not bombarding your DNS with bogus requests, it’s trying to execute malicious SQL queries and crawling your site with bots (some good, some bad). We’re experiencing a perfect storm of volatility: application complexity meets a complex and evolving threat landscape with increasing attack vectors (shadow IT, the IoT, bots, ransomware, DDoS for hire, etc.) coupled with a terrifying lack of infrastructure resilience.

Kyle York explores the scale, complexity, and volatility of the internet and the risk it poses to your applications and infrastructure. He then introduces a new resource to help the good guys better understand these threats and take action.

This keynote is sponsored by Oracle + Dyn.

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Kyle York

Oracle + Dyn

Kyle York is the general manager and vice president of business and product strategy for the Dyn global business unit at Oracle. He is a longtime Dyn executive, having joined in 2008. Over the years, Kyle has spearheaded company growth and corporate strategy, which led to the acquisition by Oracle. In his current role, Kyle focuses on product and business strategy and overall global business unit (GBU) operations.