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Observability of team health: Deciphering and reacting to organizational feedback (sponsored by NS1)

Renee Orser (NS1)
10:20am–10:25am Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Location: Grand Ballroom 220 Level: Beginner
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Engineering teams are the hearts of our organizations, but how do we measure their health and how effectively they function? There’s the obvious bottom-line data: outputs like product delivery velocity, code quality, and stability of production systems. But consider the way we monitor the statuses of our distributed networks. We design our systems to alert us to various severities, spot issue trends, and trigger actions. We aim to preempt incidents and mitigate impact of change.

As managers, the feedback we receive and behaviors we observe allow us to build up and calibrate our own versions of alerts. We source root causes of problems and pivot our plans to redirect and galvanize our engineering efforts. The engineers on our teams are inherent sources of truth. Our best managers read their teams, and our best engineers share insights from the front lines.

Renee Orser explains how to monitor the human networks within your engineering teams using models similar to your distributed technology systems as she walks you through how NS1 monitors and alerts on stresses and constraints within its distributed and dynamic engineering organization.

This keynote is sponsored by NS1.

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Renee Orser


Renee Orser is the vice president of engineering at NS1, where she oversees all delivery and operations of NS1’s engineering organization. Renee brings deep expertise in facilitation, cross-functional communication, and brash problem solving to NS1’s teams. Previously, Renee spent a decade working and traveling in over 30 countries while managing teams delivering distributed, highly scalable digital healthcare products to governments and international nonprofits; her roles included senior program manager at ThoughtWorks, analyst at Partners In Health, and independent consultant. She holds a BA in international relations and Arabic from Tufts University.