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Why Microsoft does DevOps (sponsored by Microsoft)

Martin Woodward (Microsoft)
10:15am–10:20am Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Location: Grand Ballroom 220 Level: Non-technical
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Microsoft believes DevOps is key to digital transformation. Seven years ago, the company undertook its DevOps journey and now has over 80,000 engineers doing DevOps in the public cloud. This massive transition has required cultural changes in how Microsoft builds software as well as fundamental changes to its business models.

Martin Woodward shares the key data points from this experience—not just vanity metrics like the 80,000 engineers using the cloud for software development or the 500,000 pull requests across 4 million commits that went into the recent Windows Fall Creators Update but also data that shows pull requests do not find bugs but are still useful for finding other information. Along the way, Martin explains why iteration is so important and outlines what Microsoft’s speed of iteration has been (as well as the exponential impact that has had on the delivery of features to end users). He also discusses the true impact of downtime ($2K per second in lost productivity at Microsoft alone) and much more. Join Martin to learn why DevOps is so important and gain some tips you can take back to your own team.

This keynote is sponsored by Microsoft.

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Martin Woodward


Martin Woodward is the principal program manager for DevOps in Microsoft, where he focuses on Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server. Previously, Martin was executive director of the .NET Foundation, helping drive Microsoft’s move to open source, and was responsible for the Java, Linux, and Mac tooling in the Developer division, where he helped introduce Git into Microsoft.