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June 11–12, 2018: Training
June 12–14, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA

Docker: Up and Running—Workshop edition (Day 2)

Sean Kane (New Relic)
Location: Almaden Ballroom 1
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Who is this presentation for?

  • You are a Software Engineer who wants to understand Docker and improve the process that you use for developing, testing, and delivering software.
  • You are an Operations Engineer who wants to understand Docker, improve the reliability and security of your environment while simultaneously simplifying management and configuration.
  • You are a Technical Team Lead who wants to understand Docker and use it to streamline your processes, improve repeatability, and significantly increase your ability to scale.

Prerequisite knowledge

Please complete the tutorial's setup and prerequisite requirements ahead of coming to the conferenc

What you'll learn

Learn how to use Docker to streamline all the steps required to get software reliably from a single development workstation into production environments of any size.


In just a few years Docker and the broader ecosystem around containers have had a dramatic impact on how people build, deploy, and manage software at scale. Sean P. Kane, co-author of Docker: Up and Running, and an experienced trainer for O’Reilly will teach students everything that they need to know to start using Docker successfully. This will include teaching students how to install Docker, design and build Docker images, deploy and manage Docker containers. The workshop will also explore many of the conceptual aspects of working with containers and help students understand how Docker can improve the way you work and improve every step of the software pipeline.

The workshop will include hands-on exercises accompanied by supporting instructional materials.

Topics include:

  • History of Containers and Docker
  • Installing Docker: Community Edition
  • Building Docker images
  • Running Docker containers
  • Docker Compose
  • Debugging Docker images & containers
  • Monitoring Docker containers
  • Managing container resources
  • Docker Security
  • Automating the software pipeline
  • Docker Swarm
  • And more…
Photo of Sean Kane

Sean Kane

New Relic

Sean Kane is the lead site reliability engineer at New Relic. A longtime system administrator and operations engineer, Sean has worked in a range of industry segments, including biotech, defense, entertainment, and hardware and software engineering in locations ranging from Alaska to Pakistan over his 20-year career. He’s the coauthor of Docker: Up and Running and provides Docker-related training with O’Reilly. In his spare time, Sean enjoys photography and sharing with his children the endless wonders of science, the great outdoors, and rappelling down skyscrapers. If you are looking for a conversation starter, Sean graduated from the Barnum & Bailey Clown College, completed two summer internships with the CIA, and built the first website in the state of Alaska, as well as the original USPS site.