October 28–31, 2019

TensorFlow World is a wrap

Come power the machine learning revolution

TensorFlow World brings together the vibrant and growing ecosystem that is driving today’s powerful neural networks—and impacting everything from healthcare, finance, IoT, and beyond.

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  • MON-TUE, OCT 28-29
  • TUE-THU, OCT 29-31

Conference information

Video compilation

The TensorFlow World Premium Video Compilation, with recordings of all tutorials, keynotes and sessions (subject to speaker consent), will be available in O'Reilly online learning approximately 3 weeks after the conference ends.

Join the world's largest gathering for TensorFlow

Since being open sourced in 2015, TensorFlow has had a significant impact on many industries. With TensorFlow 2.0's eager execution, intuitive high-level APIs, and flexible model building on any platform, it's cementing its place as the production-ready, end-to-end platform driving the machine learning revolution. At TensorFlow World you'll see TensorFlow 2.0 in action, discover new ways to use it, and learn how to successfully implement it in your enterprise.

Implement TensorFlow with expertise—and ease

Discover best practices, helpful tips, and expert advice on how to optimize TensorFlow 2.0 to create on-device ML apps, build production pipelines, and push the state-of-the-art in ML.

Discover the most promising use cases

Companies like Spotify, LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, and Uber are using TensorFlow to solve complex business problems. Curious how? Find out at TensorFlow World.

Get an unbiased look at the entire stack

Sure, you’ll meet the TensorFlow team, but this is much more than a standard developer event. You’ll get an impartial view of TensorFlow and all of its tools—including third-party tools and comparisons of competitive products.

Tap into the TensorFlow community

TensorFlow World gathers the contributors, users, and ML/DL experts of this vibrant community to share their technical expertise and hard-won experience. It’s a great opportunity for brainstorming and career-boosting collaboration.

Diversity and inclusion at TensorFlow World

At O’Reilly, we believe that true innovation depends on hearing from and engaging with people with a variety of perspectives. Read our Diversity Statement and learn about our Diversity & Inclusion scholarship program. At the conference, we provide a nursing room and also offer childcare expenses reimbursement.

We're committed to creating a safe and productive conference environment. Please read our Code of Conduct.


The conference will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center, an ideal Silicon Valley location with numerous nearby attractions, restaurants, and entertainment. Make the most of your limited time to network and learn by staying at the official conference hotel.

Santa Clara Convention Center
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