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September 11, 2018: Training & Tutorials
September 12–13, 2018: Keynotes & Sessions
New York, NY
Pralabh Kumar

Pralabh Kumar
Senior Software Engineer, LinkedIn

Pralabh Kumar is a senior software engineer on the data team at LinkedIn, where he is working on auto-tuning Spark jobs. He has more than seven years of experience in big data technologies like Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, Cassandra, Hive, Kafka, and ELK. He contributes to Spark and Livy and has filed couple of patents. Previously, he worked on the real-time system for unique customer identification at Walmart. He holds a degree from the University of Texas at Dallas.


4:20pm–5:00pm Thursday, 09/13/2018
Location: 1E 09 Level: Intermediate
Manoj Kumar (LinkedIn), Pralabh Kumar (LinkedIn), Arpan Agrawal (LinkedIn)
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Have you ever tuned a Spark or MR job? If the answer is yes, you already know how difficult it is to tune more than hundred parameters to optimize the resources used. Manoj Kumar, Pralabh Kumar, and Arpan Agrawal offer an overview of TuneIn, an auto-tuning tool developed to minimize the resource usage of jobs. Experiments have shown up to a 50% reduction in resource usage. Read more.