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29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK
Sanjian Chen

Sanjian Chen
Staff Algorithm Engineer (高级算法专家), Alibaba Group

Sanjian Chen is a senior algorithm expert at the Alibaba Group. He has deep knowledge of large-scale machine learning algorithms. Over his career, he’s developed cutting-edge data-driven modeling techniques and autonomous systems in both academic and industry settings and designed data-analytics solutions that drove numerous high-impact business decisions for multiple Fortune 500 companies across several industries, including retail, banking, automotive, and telecommunications. He’s currently working on building cutting-edge cloud-based AI engines for high-performance distributed database systems that support scalable data analytics in multiple business areas. Sanjian is a frequent invited speaker at top international conferences, including the Strata Data Conference (San Francisco, London), the IEEE Cyber-Physical Systems Week (Chicago), the IFAC conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems (Atlanta), and IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (Philadelphia, Dallas). He’s received two IEEE Best Paper Awards and published over 25 papers in top journals and conferences, including two published in the Proceedings of IEEE. He’s also served as an invited reviewer for numerous top international journals and conferences, including the IEEE Design & Test, IEEE Transactions on Computers, ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEEE RTSS conferences, and the ACM HSCC conference. He holds a PhD in computer and information science from the University of Pennsylvania.


14:0514:45 Wednesday, 1 May 2019
Data Engineering and Architecture
Location: Capital Suite 8/9
JIAN CHANG (Alibaba Group), Sanjian Chen (Alibaba Group)
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Jian Chang and Sanjian Chen share the architecture design and many detailed technology innovations of Alibaba TSDB, a state-of-the-art database for IoT data management, and discuss lessons learned from years of development and continuous improvement. Read more.