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29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK
Christopher Hooi

Christopher Hooi
Deputy Director, Land Transport Authority of Singapore

Christopher Hooi is the deputy director of communications and sensors at the Land Transport Authority of Singapore. He’s passionate about harnessing big data innovations to address complex land transport issues. Since 2010, he has embarked on a long-term digital strategy with the main aim of achieving smart urban mobility in a fast-changing digital world. Central to this strategy is building and sustaining a land transport digital ecosystem through an extensive network of sensor feeds, analytical processes, and commuter outreach channels, synergistically put together to deliver a people-centered land transport system.


14:5515:35 Thursday, 2 May 2019
Data Science, Machine Learning & AI
Location: Capital Suite 15/16
Christopher Hooi (Land Transport Authority of Singapore)
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Christopher Hooi offers an overview of the Fusion Analytics for Public Transport Event Response (FASTER) system, a real-time advanced analytics solution for early warning of potential train incidents. FASTER uses engineering and commuter-centric IoT data sources to activate contingency plans at the earliest possible time and reduce impact to commuters. Read more.