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29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK
Alexis Yelton

Alexis Yelton
Data Scientist, Indeed

Alexis Yelton is a data scientist at Indeed focusing on building machine learning models for software products. She’s been working with Spark since version 1.6 and has recently moved into the NLP space. She holds a PhD in bioinformatics and did postdoctoral work building models to predict gene function and explain ecosystem function.


11:1511:55 Wednesday, 1 May 2019
Data Science, Machine Learning & AI
Location: Capital Suite 14
Alexander Thomas (John Snow Labs), Alexis Yelton (Indeed)
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Alexander Thomas and Alexis Yelton demonstrate how to use Spark NLP and Apache Spark to standardize semistructured text, illustrated by Indeed's standardization process for résumé content. Read more.