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29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK
Piotr Findeisen

Piotr Findeisen
Cofounder and Software Engineer, Starburst


Piotr Findeisen is a software engineer and a founding member of the team at Starburst. He contributes to the Presto code base and is also active in the community. Piotr has been involved in the design and development of significant features like the Cost-Based Optimizer (still in development), spill to disk, correlated subqueries, and a plethora of smaller enhancements. Previously, Piotr worked at Teradata, where he was the top external Presto committer, and was a team leader at Syncron (a provider of cloud services for supply chain management), responsible for the product’s technical foundation and performance. Piotr holds an MS in computer science and a BSc in mathematics from the University of Warsaw.


11:1511:55 Wednesday, 1 May 2019
Wojciech Biela (Starburst), Piotr Findeisen (Starburst)
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Presto is a popular open source–distributed SQL engine for interactive queries over heterogeneous data sources (Hadoop/HDFS, Amazon S3, Azure ADSL, RDBMS, NoSQL, etc). Wojciech Biela and Piotr Findeisen offer an overview of the Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO) for Presto, which brings a great performance boost. Join in to learn about CBO internals, the motivating use cases, and observed improvements. Read more.