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29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK
Francesco Mucio

Francesco Mucio
Data Dungeon Master,

Website | @mucio

Francesco Mucio is a BI architect at Zalando. The first time Francesco met the word data, it was just the plural of datum. Now he’s helping to redraw Zalando’s data architecture. He likes to draw data models and optimize queries. He spends his free time with his daughter, who, for some reason, speaks four languages.


16:3517:15 Wednesday, 1 May 2019
Data Engineering and Architecture
Location: Capital Suite 14
Francesco Mucio (
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Francesco Mucio shares the basic tools he and his team had to learn (or relearn) moving from the coziness of their database to the big world of Spark, cloud, distributed systems, and continuous applications. It was an unexpected journey that ended exactly where it started: with an SQL query. Read more.