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29 April–2 May 2019
London, UK
Karthik Ramasamy

Karthik Ramasamy
Cofounder and CEO, Streamlio


Karthik Ramasamy is the cofounder of Streamlio, a company building next-generation real-time processing engines. Karthik has more than two decades of experience working in parallel databases, big data infrastructure, and networking. Previously, he was engineering manager and technical lead for real-time analytics at Twitter, where he was the cocreator of Heron; cofounded Locomatix, a company that specialized in real-time stream processing on Hadoop and Cassandra using SQL (acquired by Twitter); worked briefly on parallel query scheduling at Greenplum (acquired by EMC for more than $300M); and designed and delivered platforms, protocols, databases, and high-availability solutions for network routers at Juniper. He’s the author of several patents, publications, and one best-selling book, Network Routing: Algorithms, Protocols, and Architectures. Karthik holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a focus on databases, where he worked extensively in parallel database systems, query processing, scale-out technologies, storage engines, and online analytical systems. Several of these research projects were spun out as a company later acquired by Teradata.


13:3017:00 Tuesday, 30 April 2019
Arun Kejariwal (Independent), Karthik Ramasamy (Streamlio), Ivan Kelly (Streamlio)
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Many industry segments have been grappling with fast data (high-volume, high-velocity data). Arun Kejariwal and Karthik Ramasamy walk you through the state-of-the-art systems for each stage of an end-to-end data processing pipeline—messaging, compute, and storage—for real-time data and algorithms to extract insights (e.g., heavy hitters and quantiles) from data streams. Read more.
14:5515:35 Wednesday, 1 May 2019
Arun Kejariwal (Independent), Karthik Ramasamy (Streamlio)
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Arun Kejariwal and Karthik Ramasamy walk you through an architecture in which models are served in real time and the models are updated, using Apache Pulsar, without restarting the application at hand. They then describe how to apply Pulsar functions to support two example use—sampling and filtering—and explore a concrete case study of the same. Read more.
17:2518:05 Wednesday, 1 May 2019
Data Engineering and Architecture
Location: Capital Suite 4
Karthik Ramasamy (Streamlio), Ivan Kelly (Streamlio)
This talk discusses how Apache Pulsar provides infinite retention of events in topics. We will discuss how the segment oriented architecture allows unlimited topic growth, how you can keep costs down by using tiered storage and how you can run ad-hoc queries on the topic using SQL. Read more.