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March 25-28, 2019
San Francisco, CA
Jake Metcalf

Jake Metcalf
Founder, Ethical Resolve


Jake Metcalf is a technology ethics researcher and consultant specializing in data analytics and artificial intelligence. He’s a researcher at Data & Society on an NSF-funded multisite project, Pervasive Data Ethics for Computational Research (PERVADE), where he is studying how data ethics practices are emerging in environments that have not previously grappled with research ethics, such as industry, conference committees, and civil society organizations. He’s also exploring how design practices can successfully integrate ethical values and principles. Jake runs consulting firm Ethical Resolve, which provides clients with a range of ethics services, helping them make well-informed, consistent, actionable, and timely business decisions that reflect their values. He lives among the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains.


10:00am10:30am Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Location: 2024
Jake Metcalf (Ethical Resolve), Emanuel Moss (Data & Society)
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What does it mean for technology companies to “do ethics”? Jake Metcalf and Emanuel Moss discuss how AI ethics figures in longstanding philosophical debates about ethics and human values, contemporary debates about “ordinary ethics,” and how the logics and structures of corporate organizations may be creating pitfalls along the way. Read more.