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March 25-28, 2019
San Francisco, CA
Elizabeth Svoboda

Elizabeth Svoboda
Writer and author, What Makes a Hero?


Elizabeth Svoboda is an award-winning journalist and contributor to MIT Technology Review, Aeon, Sapiens, Psychology Today, the Washington Post, and other publications. She is the author of What Makes a Hero? The Surprising Science of Selflessness as well as the children’s book The Life Heroic (forthcoming from Zest Books in 2019). She’s fascinated with the subtle forces that guide our decisions and actions, sometimes without our knowledge.


8:50am9:00am Thursday, March 28, 2019
Location: Ballroom
Elizabeth Svoboda (What Makes a Hero?)
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Using biosensors and predictive analytics, political campaigns aim to decode your true desires—and influence your vote—without your knowledge. Elizabeth Svoboda explains how these tools work, who's using them, and what they mean for the future of free and fair elections. Read more.