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Make Data Work
March 25-28, 2019
San Francisco, CA
Yaron Haviv

Yaron Haviv
CTO, iguazio


Yaron Haviv is CTO at iguazio. Yaron is a serial entrepreneur with deep technological experience in the fields of big data, cloud, storage and networking. Previously, he was the vice president of data center solutions at Mellanox, where he led technology innovation, software development, and solution integrations, and the CTO and vice president of R&D at Voltaire, a high-performance computing, I/O, and networking company. Yaron is a CNCF member and one of the authors in the CNCF working group.


2:40pm3:20pm Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Yaron Haviv (iguazio)
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Faced with the need to handle increasing volumes of data, alternative datasets ("alt data"), and AI, many enterprises are working to design or redesign their big data architectures, but traditional batch platforms fail to generate sufficient ROI. Yaron Haviv shares a continuous analytics approach that yields faster answers for the business while remaining simpler and less expensive for IT. Read more.