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March 25-28, 2019
San Francisco, CA
Patrick Stuedi

Patrick Stuedi
Research Staff, IBM Research


Patrick Stuedi is a member of the research staff at IBM research Zurich. His research interests include distributed systems, networking, and operating systems. The general theme of his work is to explore how modern networking and storage hardware can be exploited in distributed systems. Previously, he was a postdoc at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley. Patrick is the creator of several open source projects such as DiSNI (RDMA for Java), DaRPC (Low latency RPC), and Apache Crail (incubating). He holds a PhD from ETH Zurich.


4:40pm5:20pm Thursday, March 28, 2019
Patrick Stuedi (IBM Research)
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Modern networking and storage technologies like RDMA or NVMe are finding their way into the data center. Patrick Stuedi offers an overview of Apache Crail (incubating), a new project that facilitates running data processing workloads (ML, SQL, etc.) on such hardware. Patrick explains what Crail does and how it benefits workloads based on TensorFlow or Spark. Read more.