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March 25-28, 2019
San Francisco, CA
Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall
Principal Scientist | Senior Director, |

Website | @jpatrickhall

Patrick Hall is principle scientist at, a boutique law firm focused on AI and analytics; a senior director of product at, a leading Silicon Valley machine learning software company; and a lecturer in the Department of Decision Sciences at George Washington University, where he teaches graduate classes in data mining and machine learning.

At both and, he works to mitigate AI risks and advance the responsible practice of machine learning. Previously, Patrick held global customer-facing and R&D research roles at SAS. He holds multiple patents in automated market segmentation using clustering and deep neural networks. Patrick is the 11th person worldwide to become a Cloudera Certified Data Scientist. He studied computational chemistry at the University of Illinois before graduating from the Institute for Advanced Analytics at North Carolina State University.


1:30pm5:00pm Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Secondary topics:  Ethics
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If machine learning can lead to financial gains for your organization, why isn’t everyone doing it? One reason is training machine learning systems with transparent inner workings and auditable predictions is difficult. Patrick Hall details the good, bad, and downright ugly lessons learned from his years of experience implementing solutions for interpretable machine learning. Read more.