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March 5–6, 2018: Training
March 6–8, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA
Fidan Boylu Uz

Fidan Boylu Uz
Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft

Fidan Boylu Uz is a senior data scientist on the algorithms and data science team at Microsoft, where she is responsible for successful delivery of end-to-end advanced analytics solutions. Fidan has 10+ years of technical experience in machine learning and business intelligence and has worked on projects in multiple domains such as predictive maintenance, fraud detection, mathematical optimization, and deep learning. She is a former professor at the University of Connecticut, where she conducted research and taught courses on machine learning theory and its business applications. She has authored a number of academic publications in the areas of machine learning and optimization. Fidan holds a PhD in decision sciences.


11:00am11:40am Thursday, March 8, 2018
Francesca Lazzeri (Microsoft), Fidan Boylu Uz (Microsoft)
Francesca Lazzeri and Fidan Boylu Uz explain how to operationalize LSTM networks to predict the remaining useful life of aircraft engines. They use simulated aircraft sensor values to predict when an aircraft engine will fail in the future so that maintenance can be planned in advance. Read more.