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March 5–6, 2018: Training
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San Jose, CA

Get a farm-to-table view of your data: Track data lineage from source to analytics (sponsored by Syncsort)

Tendu Yogurtcu (Syncsort)
2:40pm3:20pm Thursday, March 8, 2018
Location: LL21 A
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What you'll learn

  • Learn how to seamlessly track the lineage and quality of your data to deliver meaningful insights and meet regulatory compliance requirements


Data isn’t static. Data starts in various systems, moves to other environments whether on-premises or in the cloud, changes, and combines to form new datasets. Just as good chefs must have a farm-to-table view of where their food comes from and what happened to it before reaching their kitchens, so too should analysts understand the provenance and quality of their data in order to trust their analyses and comply with governance and regulatory requirements.

There are several tools to help with this, depending on where your data resides. Inside a cluster, technologies like Cloudera Navigator track the changes made to data. Outside the cluster, there are a number of technologies that can keep track of the quality of data, whether it adheres to certain rules, and what changes have been made. However, the reality is that data doesn’t exist in only one system. The challenge is having end-to-end visibility of your data as it moves from traditional systems like mainframes and EDWs to the cluster (i.e., from its source to its destination, and everything in between).

Tendü Yoğurtçu explains how companies, including a leading financial services institution, are overcoming these challenges with enterprise data integration and data quality solutions that make lineage trackable, auditable, and available to you, from originating source to final target, regardless of what changed in between (and where).

This session is sponsored by Syncsort.

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Tendu Yogurtcu


Tendü Yoğurtçu is the chief technology officer at Syncsort, where she directs the company’s technology strategy and innovation and leads all product research and development programs. Tendü has 20+ years of software industry experience, including extensive big data and Hadoop industry knowledge. Previously, Tendü was Syncsort’s general manager of big data, where she led the global software business for data integration, Hadoop, and the cloud, including sales, marketing, engineering, and support, and held several engineering management roles where she directed the development of ETL, sort, and application modernization products for Syncsort’s data integration business. She was also an adjunct faculty member in the Computer Science Department at Stevens Institute of Technology. Tendü is a dedicated advocate for STEM education for women and diversity. She holds a PhD in computer science from Stevens Institute of Technology in NJ, a master’s degree in industrial engineering, and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Bosphorus University, Istanbul.