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Make Data Work
March 5–6, 2018: Training
March 6–8, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA

Your enterprise AI is only as good as your data.

Joe Dumoulin (Next IT)
3:30pm4:00pm Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Over the past 15 years, Next IT has worked with global enterprise companies to develop data-driven AI strategies and deployments, including award-winning intelligent virtual assistants. Joe Dumoulin shares how Next IT’s global enterprise customers, such as Amtrak, Charter Communications, and SWBC, have transformed their businesses with AI solutions and outlines how companies should build AI strategies, utilize data to develop and evolve conversational intelligence and business intents, and ultimately increase ROI.

As these case studies emphasize, your company’s AI is only as good as the data that informs the training of AI solutions for actual business outcomes. AI is transformative for business, but it’s not magic; it’s data. Like all new business processes and technologies, deploying an AI solution is just the beginning. To succeed you need key stakeholders from across your organization to engage in the ongoing work of refining and upgrading your machine learning capabilities and core intelligence through continuous real-time data integrations.

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Joe Dumoulin

Next IT

Joe Dumoulin is CTIO at Next IT. Joe has been working as a professional programmer since 1985, focusing on optimization methods relevant to manufacturing and enterprise processes. Currently, most of his work centers around machine learning and natural language processing and managing a research team at customer engagement company Verint. He has helped create some of the earliest and most widely used commercial automated conversational applications and a number of early commercial prototypes in the conversational AI space. In his spare time, Joe teaches CS topics at local universities, builds and programs electronics projects, reads, and plays with his grandkids.