February 23–26, 2020
Wes Chow

Wes Chow
Director of Engineering, Advanced Analytics, Cortico at MIT Media Lab

Website | @weschow

Wes Chow is the director of engineering in advanced analytics at Cortico and a researcher at the MIT Media Lab. He’s an advisor to Chartbeat, where he was CTO for more time than healthy. Previously, he built early infrastructure for high-frequency trading shops and led the team that created Songza Radio, which was acquired and merged into Google Music.


2:15pm3:05pm Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Location: Nassau
Secondary topics:  Case Study
Wes Chow (Cortico at MIT Media Lab)
In early 2019, Cortico and the MIT Media Lab deployed the digital hearth, a device designed to stimulate in-person conversations and bridge political divides, into communities throughout the US. Wes Chow outlines the industrial design of the system, its software system for remote operation, and the speech-to-text and machine learning pipeline used to analyze hundreds of hours of speech. Read more.
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